A recent study found that one’s diet- yes, diet- may affect women when they enter menopause. This yet again echoes the importance of developing and maintaining healthy eating patterns sooner rather than later. The study tracked 35,000 women for 4 years and the results were astounding: those whose diets were high in refined carbs, such as rice, pasta, potato chips, pretzels, etc., experienced menopause 1.5 years sooner, on average, than those women whose diet mainly consisted of fish and vitamins rich in vitamin B (leafy vegetables, fruits, eggs, etc.). The results showed an association (not causation) between high carb intake and early onset menopause; however, it is speculated that the spike in circulating insulin that is consistently experienced with a high carb diet, which may cause insulin resistance, interferes with sex hormone activity and eventually leads to premature menopause.

The Galveston Diet, has a tremendous amount of benefits especially when preparing for and experiencing menopause. I challenge you to transform your view on food from a source of pleasure and indulgence to a source of fuel for your body. Your body craves natural fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, etc.- give it what it wants! This will allow a lifestyle change that will create clearer mental capacities, greater focus on daily tasks, increase the onset of menopause and a decrease in eventual symptoms that accompany menopause once you reach this life milestone. You will never look back and regret a change that improved your physical health, happiness, and overall mindset.