1. Grilled Chicken Salad

    This salad is a delicious and satisfying combination of crunch from the cucumber, sunflower seeds, color from the bright bell peppers,   saltiness from the feta cheese, and protein from the chicken. Ingredients: 4 cups mixed salad greens ½ cucumber, cubed ½ yellow or red bell pepper, chopped 3 ta…Read More

  2. Rosemary’s Turkey Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

    Ingredients: 4 large whole portobello mushrooms 2 Tablespoons olive oil 8 oz ground turkey 1 cup cauliflower rice 1/4 cup chopped yellow onion 2 cloves chopped garlic 1 teaspoon dried basil 3-4 cups fresh spinach leaves 1/4 cup white wine 8oz grated Parmesan Directions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees L…Read More

  3. Chicken Sauteed with Mushrooms

    My sweet mother in law is cooking a healthy dinner for our family and I was thrilled to see it was Galveston Diet friendly. Chicken sautéed with mushrooms, olives, capers and fresh lemon ? and fresh basil ? and a splash of Chardonnay. Side of roasted Brussels sprouts and a green salad with fresh bl…Read More

  4. Turkey & Cauliflower Rice Stuffed Bell Pepper

    Ingredients: 12 oz lean ground turkey 2 large red bell peppers, sliced lengthwise in half 1 cup cauliflower rice 8 oz shredded cheddar cheese 2 cloves of garlic Cumin Paprika Pepper Fresh cilantro to taste 4 tablespoon coconut oil Directions: Preheat your oven to 300 degrees. In a pan, add coconut o…Read More

  5. Chicken Alfredo with Crispy Bacon Recipe

    Ingredients: 1 pound chicken breast, cut into 1” cubes 1 cup spinach 2 cup broccoli florets 4 slice bacon, crumbled 2 tablespoon butter 1 cup heavy cream Salt to taste Pepper to taste Serves 4 Directions: In a bowl, pour boiling water and place broccoli florets in it. Let it stand till you get the…Read More

  6. Chicken Salad Recipe

    Ingredients: Whole Chicken Roasted (*I absolutely cheat here and buy the rotisseries chicken from the deli in the grocery store, a HUGE aid in meal prepping in our family and they are DELICIOUS). 8 cups lettuce 1 avocado 1 can garbanzo beans 1 container of cherry tomatoes 1 cucumber 1/2 cup walnuts …Read More

  7. Taco Bowl Recipe

    Ingredients: 1 pound lean Grass Fed Ground Beef or Ground Turkey 4 Cups of lettuce of choice (we prefer Iceberg for this recipe) 1 cup Pico de Gallo (*tip, look for fresh Pico in the refrigerator section of your grocery store to save time and limit preservatives) 1 can of Black Beans - look for pres…Read More

  8. Healthy Florentine Chicken Casserole Recipe

    This is delicious and a family favorite! In a rush? Substitute deboned rotisserie chicken, bake and divide up for lunches or prep and freeze to bake later in the week for dinner!) Ingredients: 1.5 lb chicken tenders, pounded thin 2 tbsp sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil 3 tbsp warm water 12 fresh bas…Read More