I Lost My Pandemic Pooch

I am so excited to share this life-changing program for US women. During Covid-19, the pandemic pooch was starting to happen. I encountered this wonderful program from a female Doctor in Texas, and let me tell you ladies, it works.

She is very well educated and will teach you what you need to know about the changes in your body, aging, hormone changes, and inflammation. In this program, she identifies foods that are inflammatory and that are NOT inflammatory. She provides you with suggestions on food substitutions and common struggles with fuel refocus and adapting to change. She introduces Intermittent Fasting, a lifesaver for me; she explains the benefits of fasting like “increase brain power” and neuron protection along with enhanced nerve cells that will repair DNA and more…I tell you it works.

I lost my pandemic pooch and feel great. This program is so easy to follow, very educational, and provides assistance/feedback daily. Oh, and great challenges every month.

Mirella B.