1. The Way You Explain Is Easy To Understand

    I stumbled into the Galveston Diet on Facebook during this pandemic. I am Brazilian that said I have been on a diet since I was 13. I was keeping my weight off until 2017, when my menopause began, and I ended up gaining almost 20lbs. I did end up losing it in a year. However, in the summer of 2019, I started to gain and lose weight on and off but never managed to get back to the weight I was happy…Read More

    Andrea U.
  2. My Inflammation Has Gone Down

    Today I finished my first week, and I have lost 5 pounds. I am glad about the weight, but most importantly, I am thrilled because my inflammation has gone down. I suffer from primary lymphedema, and my legs and the abdominal area swells up. For the past six years, I have been going to a functional medicine doctor, and he has been my savior because, through supplements and diets, we have been able …Read More

    Sandra B.
  3. Sticking to TGD in Quarantine

    Today I hit 25 lbs lost following TGD.  (And at least 20”) 7 of that has been in Quarantine in the last 7 years- I mean weeks!! and it’s in drips and drabs... -.2, gain .4.... down down up... I started on IF in October. Joined this group in January which kick started the progress! I can’t wait to go shopping!! Besides sticking to TGD in quarantine (although not perfectly I’ll add. I’m s…Read More

    Laura J.
  4. Could Not Shake That Extra Weight

    I have been participating in the Galveston Diet since January 14, 2020. I was first introduced to the Galveston Diet by my sister, who had started it in August 2019. When I saw her over the Christmas holiday, I was amazed at how great she looked. Seeing her success is what made me decided to join the GD team. I am a 53-year-old woman who has been struggling with mid-life weight gain that mostly se…Read More

    Donna L.
  5. Gained Muscle Mass and Lost Many Inches

    In December, I found myself in a place, physically, that I have not been since after right after I had my babies. Overweight and feeling sluggish. I have always been active, but over the past year, I went from maintaining a weight of 140lbs to finding myself 17 pounds heavier at 157lbs. I have never gained weight that quickly because I have always been active. The way I have always combated weight…Read More

    Christy W.
  6. The Answer to Many Frustrations and Helpless Feelings

    Adjusting well to Intermittent Fasting although some mornings, I eat a little closer to 14 than 16. Drink plain hibiscus tea in the morning. So far, my diet hasn’t been too diverse - I tend to enjoy eggs over avocado and spinach or to mix tuna with guacamole and throwing that on some lettuce. I was even able to start doing some baby strength training but feeling better every day. Your program ha…Read More

    Jen H.
  7. A Real Program for Healthier Living

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for forging the way to have a real program for healthier living and addressing a real, yet delicate issue for women. It’s about aging well and being the healthiest person you can be for your families. I appreciate the simplicity of the plan and the nutritional value it brings to everyday living. Again, thank you for your service and dedication to this a…Read More

    Dee Dee L.
  8. Sleep More Soundly, and Have Tons More Energy

    I have nothing but positive things to say about the Galveston diet. My husband and I have been following the plan since August 2019. Between us, we have lost over 90 pounds. We never approached it as a diet, with a finish line in sight, but as a lifestyle change with a focus on healthy eating for life. The benefits of this new lifestyle have been amazing! We look better for sure, but more importan…Read More

    Susan J.
  9. I Am Not Hungry All The Time

    I came across your video on Intermittent Fasting about five weeks ago. At that time, I was tired, depressed, bloated, always hungry, and overly unhappy with my body even though I was working out and active. I started Intermittent Fasting on Feb 17 and was barely able to fast for 14 hours. Today I am consistently fasting for 16-18 hours. I feel so much better. I have this energy that has been missi…Read More

    Kelly K.
  10. I’ve lost a lot of inches

    Desperate, I asked my GYN for help. She said, "It's easy. Shut your mouth and stop eating". I was exercising vigorously, 3-4x a week & cutting down calories to 850 a day... but it still wasn't working. I was starving, felt awful & was miserable. Nearly ready to give up & accept that I'm just old & fat, I saw Dr. Mary Claire on Facebook due to my endless internet searches for help. …Read More

    Jennifer M.