1. My hip pain has disappeared

    My mind is clearer. I have been able to decrease my blood pressure med by 50%. My hip pain has disappeared, and I sleep better due to a decrease in the pain. My reflux has all but disappeared. It is ALL because of The Galveston Diet!!!! Thank you so very much, Dr. Haver!!!!…Read More

    Celeste B.
  2. My energy level has improved significantly

    So this past year was challenging. My father-in-law was killed in a car accident, then my husband broke his back in a mountain biking accident, and my daughter had a concussion. I also turned 50, and my metabolism took a nosedive. The result - I gained 12 pounds this year. I took care of everyone else, that’s what moms do, and had debilitating headaches and stomach issues where all I could eat w…Read More

    Elizabeth C.
  3. I have an immune disorder, and my inflammation is gone

    This is when I wish I were 59 instead of 61. I would have been a great candidate for your pilot program down 16 lbs with 15 more to get to 135. I have an immune disorder, and my inflammation is gone. My elbows and other joints aren't swollen. I am not complaining all the time about aches and pains. I eliminated all grains, most preservatives, no sodas, or added sugar, and I am doing intermediate f…Read More

    Mary J.
  4. Finally found something I love

    I am 53 years old. I went through early menopause about eight years ago. I had never had any problem losing weight. I didn't gain weight quickly, either. I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted - and I love chocolate and baked goods. Over the past several years, I gained weight easily. I tried so many diets and was working out regularly and eating healthy, but I couldn't lose weight. I would eve…Read More

    Kristi B.
  5. Down almost two pant sizes in about 4-6 weeks

    I am loving the program and am down almost two pant sizes in about 4-6 weeks. I was very depressed about my “meno-pooch”! And overall weight, bloat, and just feeling like yuck! I have mastered the Intermittent Fasting and, for the most part, the eating plan. I need to catch up on my workouts, but I know that will come soon. I am feeling better and have been talking about the program!…Read More

    Ashley M.
  6. Searching for answers regarding peri-menopause

    I need to start this email off with a very sincere Thank You!! Please know that I'm sending a virtual hug your way. I stumbled upon you and the Galveston diet in August. At the time, I had been searching for answers regarding peri-menopause and the hormonal and weight changes that were happening. To say the information you've put together is life-changing would be an understatement. Since August, …Read More

    Susan J.
  7. I am saving time and money!

    Thanks to you and the Galveston Diet, I am jumping into the new year with unbelievable energy and enthusiasm. The non-scale benefits of intermittent fasting and anti-inflammatory eating are so wide-reaching to the benefit of me, job, patients, clients, and family. I have such a sense of accomplishment, which is so motivating, there is nothing I can't do. My daughters and sister have adopted some o…Read More

    Sara J.
  8. Kept my skinny clothes!

    I am a 51-year old that has been fit all my life. When I turned 49, I started noticing my body changing in areas I didn't approve of, my midsection & thighs. I joined a gym, have been gluten-free, dairy-free for 15 years, social drinker & a nonsmoker. I do a lot of things right but can't shake these extra 30 pounds that appeared. I ask my GYN for bloodwork to maybe help stabilize my hormon…Read More

    Mickey D.
  9. I feel less bloated

    I’m in week two, and as a busy mom of 5 and a Registered Dietitian, what I love most is that I can, in some way, eat some of what my family eats every night for dinner. I’m not making 2 separate meals because I’m following a diet. I’ve lost 8lbs in 8 days. I’ve found the intermittent fasting component easy. I also feel less bloated then I was feeling. Glad I found this program by Dr. Mar…Read More

    Laura K.
  10. I was ignoring my body

    I've only been on the program for a week-I purchased before Christmas and did a few days of following the program. I loved the way it made me feel, which made it easy to get back on track after the holidays. Can't wait to see what the scale says. The easiest part of the program for me was the intermittent fasting. I've never been much of a breakfast person and I often felt guilty for skipping it. …Read More

    Lisa M.