1. I can eat this way for the long haul

    I had been doing Weight Watchers and stopped losing weight. I heard about the Galveston diet and decided to try it. I am never hungry anymore and I've lost 50 lbs between the 2 diets, 25 on each, but nobody noticed until I switched to the Galveston diet. I believe I can eat this way for the long haul. I appreciate you - thanks so much!…Read More

    Lori O.
  2. Lost 25lbs and kept it off

    I started in August of 2017 and have lost 25lbs and kept it off. Most of the weight came off the first few months, but I've maintained without any problems even through the dreaded month of December. I was one who hated the idea of giving up my precious bread and margaritas, but it really hasn't been that bad. In fact, now when I do occasionally eat carb-heavy I feel terrible afterward. My body ap…Read More

    Janene D.
  3. I have lost 77lbs and never felt better!

    I started my journey to healthy living on July 15th 2017. I follow the eating plan and do the intermittent fasting (16 hours). I have lost 77lbs and never felt better! I just wish I had known about this earlier in my life! I have yoyo’d all my life and this has been the easiest plan I have ever found. It is so easy to stick to! I am not done yet!!…Read More

    Debbie R.